Office Delivery


In a fast-paced world, juggling between office and home functions can sometimes be daunting. How do we manage all the official tasks at hand and at the same time be able to meet up with lunch or shopping for home groceries? It is most times impossible.

Worst still the traffic seems to get intense at such hours. Why go through such long routine always when you could conveniently order for all the groceries you want while doing your job in the office, we deliver to you in the office and you drive home in style at close of work and use the time we saved you to for leisure or other important engagements.

This is the Zigrocers advantage. We will just deliver your groceries and lunch in your office while you relax, doing your work without unnecessarily being pressured.

Give us a trial today by placing an order for your groceries from us and your choice meals from your favorite restaurants.

Mode of Delivery

We strive to deliver your items to your office within two (2) hours and at the same competitive rate as home deliveries. However, it is important that you put your staff, especially the security personal about your expected order so that our delivery personnel are promptly received on arrival.

Please note that if for any reason our delivery personnel are denied entrance into your organization for the purpose of this delivery, your account will be charged for the failed delivery and there will be no refund from Zigrocers Online Mart. We may however renegotiate new terms of delivery with you at additional cost.