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Rock & learn 5 DVD Box- Includes Phonics, Sightword, Reading, Alphabet, Letter Sounds (Kindergarten – basic 2)

Rock N Learn Phonics is a fun and interactive way for children to learn english phonics, as it incorporates music in the phonic activities. In addition, the attractive animation helps to sustain your child’s attention. Overall, it is an educational and interactive resource, to keep your child occupied and learn important phonics knowledge at the same time.

Letter Sounds colorfully presents each letter of the alphabet along with corresponding letter sounds and words beginning with each letter. After presenting the letters, the DVD puts kids’ knowledge to the test with well-developed games that are both entertaining and highly effective.

Rock N’ Learn alphabet: Alphabet Al leads kids on an exciting journey to master the alphabet, build word/letter associations, and develop a richer vocabulary. With catchy songs Alphabet Al holds the interest of even highly energetic kids. Fun games and a colorful environment for each letter will have kids out of their seats and dancing along. Includes bonus chapter on printing letters and numbers. All new animation and graphics.

Rock N’ Learn Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language, and this DVD helps students learn to read them automatically. As a supplement to phonics-based strategies, Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words boosts reading and spelling skills. Children learn over 60 sight words through engaging characters, entertaining songs, and fun practice. Words are presented in context to help build reading comprehension. Includes all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry’s, and more. A bonus section helps kids with word shapes and spelling skills.

Rock N’ Learn Reading comprehension Nobody’s sharper than Marko the Pencil when it comes to helping students read for meaning and prepare for tests. His tips are super-effective and his outrageous antics keep students on task. With Marko’s guidance, students ace a practice test by learning how to read passages, find key words, and determine the best answers. This DVD helps students identify the main idea, use context clues, and make inferences.


Mathematics 5DVD SET

COLORS, SHAPES & COUNTING Here is the perfect way to get your child ready for starting school. Young learners will enjoy all of the kindergarten readiness activities, including learning to count objects by color, shape,or combination of both. Even gifted children will be challenged by the advanced color (Maroon, Turquoise) and shapes (polygons, Ellipses).Choose either DVD Video or Audio/book format. The revised DVD version now has improved animation and widescreen format.


ADDITION & SUBTRACTION ROCK Learning math fact is never dull when kids ‘’Rock Out” While learning addition and subtraction facts. Upbeat Music, Energetic performers and colorful action make tunes lots of fun to sing along with learn. Kids quickly learn sum up to 18 and differences from 18.Available in both a DVD Video Version .


MULTIPLICATION ROCK Learning multiplication doesn’t have to be dull. Especially when you Rock! Upbeat Music, Energetic performances,and plenty of action make these multiplication rock songs favorite with kids of all ages. As they rock out of these multiplication tunes, Learner develop quick, accurate recall for Multiplication facts through 12.They also practice skip counting.counting. Available in DVD .


MATH WORD PROBLEMS Marko the pencil helps students boast math skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams and look for patterns. Clear explanations and outrageous humor make this DVD fun and effective. Correlated to the national council of teachers of mathematics standards.


DIVISION RAP Kids of all ages love learning division by performing along with DJ.Doc ROC. positive lyrics and high-Energy action generate lots of excitement as student learn to solve division facts quickly and accurately with these fun songs, Kids discover what division is all about ,Sole story problems, Use remainders and even work long division problems. The video features fun animation with engaging characters.

Preschool Prep Collection 6 Dvds


A study of over 50 babies and toddlers, who watched Meet the Letters, resulted in over 90% of these children having upper and lower-case letter recognition. Many learned in less than two weeks! Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words and phonics can be learned in a few viewings. Preschool prep series DVDs have won over 25 National Awards and are used in thousands of schools across the country. You will be amazed at what your little one can learn!


Barney I Love My Friends DVD-6dvd set


Come join in the fun as Barney takes his friends on a super-dee-duper adventure that shows just what it means to be a friend. This is an educative fun and entertaining CD for children, to keep them lively, sharp and always smart.


  • Entertaining
  • Educative
  • Colorful




Brainy Baby has been a leader in preschool video development for more than a decade. Created by educators and parents, this award-winning series uses a time-tested, proven teaching method that follows a lesson plan format. Each video reinforces lessons through engaging, real life objects and fun sing-alongs to which kids can relate. Brainy Baby helps children discover a world of learning with quality products that children love and parents trust.


LeapFrog Leapfrog Learning  6Dvd Set


Dear Parent,

We at LeapFrog know that you are your child’s most important teacher. Our goal is to help you build an environment for your child that is rich in experiences-one that encourages discovery and fosters learning success.

As children grow they are ready for more complex challenges. For preschoolers, we have a line of products that develop basic fundamentals to help prepare children to enter the classroom. Cheerful characters and delightful songs enhance the play experience while teaching the alphabet, phonics, vocabulary and word building.

LeapFrog learning products are designed to grow alongside your child through each stage of development. All are made with the same playful spirit that promotes a lifelong love to learning.

Tom Kalinske


LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.


Donut Man & CHRISTIAN Songs

The Donut Man (Rob Evans) has been spreading his family-friendly values for over 20 years. In these two programs perfect for children ages 3-10 he uses loving songs and simple stories to teach children the timeless Word of God in a way that’s fun and meaningful for them. This collection includes: The Donut Man: After School & The Repair Shop The Donut Man: Barnyard Fun & On The Air The Donut Man: Camp Harmony & The Celebration House The Donut Man: The Donut All-Stars & At The Zoo The Donut Man: Duncan’s Greatest Hits & The Best Present Of All On Tour & Resurrection Celebration

Spiritually engaging
Creatively engaging
Subtitles Available


Psalty (Kids’ Praise Educational Series)
Psalty praise vol 1-8
Christian sing along songs
Lessons from the bible
Educational and Entertaining
4 Quality DVDs

Cedermont Christian Kids 4DVD SET
Cedermont christian kids is a sing along biblical dvd song for children in all ages. children will love to hear and sing it again and again. The pack contain 4dvd and each dvd title are as follow with several track under each title:

Dvd 1) Sunday school song – 15 classic christian songs for kids
Dvd 2) Action bible song – 17 classic christian songs for kids
Dvd 3) Bible song – 1 classic christian songs for kids

Dvd 4) Preschool song – 21 classic christian songs for kids



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